Another Two Pass Day

It’s a lonely feeling leaving camp alone, but also a very free feeling knowing that for at least a while, you can have the most beautiful parts of the world to yourself. How to top yesterday’s feat of two Pass summits?  How about two more?  Pinchot and Mather were on the agenda, each over 12,000 feet.  Pinchot was tough but otherwise uneventful.

At the summit of Mather, I received texts via satellite from my wife providing updates on a fire to the north.  I shared those with the other hikers, one of whom asked me to provide her with updates whenever possible.  She and her friend left, and 15 minutes later I started down.

A few minutes down, I heard a loud commotion.  The lady interested in the fire had fallen on snow and deeply cut her leg on granite.  Luckily, her companion still at the summit was a doctor so I returned to summon help.  Fortunately the doctor seemed well equipped and the injury not too serious so I continued.

Not too long later, I also had a fairly spectacular fall but luckily not harmful.

There is a little feature on the trail alongside Palisade Creek named the Golden Staircase consisting of over a mile of steep uphill rock steps.  You’d really feel sorry for those going up but I can assure you that going now is no treat and progress is glacial.  Although there are a lot ties for second place, this is the worst either direction.

For the day, the scenery was gorgeous but difficult because of both elevation and tread but I remain ahead of schedule.


Photos from today… so many photos!


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