Passing Muir Pass

With only one pass in the plan today, I was feeling upbeat even though that pass was one of the snowiest on the trail.  Between the Muir Pass and my campsite were about 16 miles and I hoped that the conditions would be faster than the Golden Staircase. It was. However, by now we began to encounter the first of many “wet crossings “ where there is no option but to just slog across.   And on this day, there were many.  The other surprise was the snowfields on the southern face.  I had been warned repeatedly about the miles long stretches of snow on the north face but nobody mentioned the south face.  As it turned out, the north was no issue but the south side required a lot of pathfinding and scrambling across snow fields and it was exhausting.

At the summit is the John Muir cabin, built by the Sierra Club and dedicated by Teddy Roosevelt.  The moment was right so I had lunch indoors before moving along.

Given the conditions, predicting my mileage is difficult but I continue to make surprisingly good progress.   Also, with the high number of streams due to snowmelt, my rock hopping skills have vastly improved.

Photos from today…

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  1. Nancy says:

    Have you stopped posting videos?


    1. Rabid Rabbit says:

      Hi Nancy! Thanks for writing. The short answer is…. no. My editor/publisher has other priorities so I’m going to try to take that over, though I’m sure I’ll never match up. In fact, I’ve finished one today for Washington state as a test. If you’d like to friend me on Facebook, I’ll send you a private draft for your comments. Meanwhile, I’m working on another one, picking up where we left off. Again, I really appreciate your concern.


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