Vermillion Valley Resort

I got an early jump, determined not to miss the ferry at 9:45. After a brief uphill climb, it was literally all downhill. By the time I reached the trail junction leading to the ferry, my legs were dead.

Near the ferry landing, several hikers had camped the night before, some coming and some going.  Eventually, about 15 hikers showed up to go to VVR.

The ferry is PROMPT and is piloted by “Paint”, a former hiker and gopher at VVR, promoted just this year to ferry pilot. It didn’t give me much comfort but he did a competent job and I would have swam if it came to that.


VVR isn’t cheap and a lot of people whine about that. But it isn’t cheap to provide goods and services to such a remote location. The staff was friendly, the selection of supplies good, the restaurant food very good and there was free camping. Showers and laundry were also available. Only a snake oil salesman could call what I got a shower but when I complained to Nancy, she offered me a free beer.  A $3 beer for a $6 shower.  It turns out that Nancy is quite the snake oil salesman.

It was a restful day in spite of all the off trail stuff to be done. I split a peach-boysenberry pie with Kurt, a young Canadian, and in the evening enjoyed sitting around a fire pit with some of the staff and hikers.


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