Nero (?) at VVR

Well this really sucks because I accidentally deleted my blog for today so I’m going to have to reconstruct the highlights from memory.

One downside about resort settings is that a few hikers tend to socialize and drink later, pretty often oblivious to others who want to get much needed sleep. Such was the case last night as a young lady who I’ll call “Giggles” cackled away most of the night in the middle of the tent camping area. To her credit she was awake early but continued her incessant and highly obnoxious giggling while the rest of us packed our gear and headed for breakfast.

I dined with Kurt, a young Canadian fellow who I had met at Kearsarge Pass and he and I had decided to hike together today. Kurt had been following my vlog so I knew he had good taste.

There was a large group of hikers waiting for the ferry, about half PCT hikers and the rest with various other destinations. There were even two dogs.

By the time we arrived at the pier near the trail, it was already 9:40 and we were facing a nearly 3,000 foot climb to start the morning. Kurt and I hoped to hike to within 10 miles of Red’s Meadow but we were a little uncertain due to the late start and big elevation change. But we made good time and began to consider the crazy idea of trying to make the whole distance but that notion was quickly dispelled

Late in the afternoon we passed three young guys who were doing the JMT SoBo. They were very interested in option for getting off the trail at VVR but we explained that it probably wasn’t a viable option.  About an hour later, they caught up to us again, having decided to return to Red’s Meadow.  As it turns out, one of them was hobbled by knee issues and needed to get off the trail. Kurt and I volunteered to take John with us so Jerrod and Collin could go on with their hike.

It was slow going and difficult for me but to his credit, John kept moving in obvious pain but without complaint. Having had the same issue I could sympathize. After 3.5 miles, we found a sloped tent site and called it a night while Kurt went on.


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